with Sebastian Curi

Date: Saturday September 9th, 2PM - 5PM
Address: 977 N. Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90012


This workshop given by me and is designed to give ideas on Visual Language & Style in the span of an afternoon. It is for illustrators, art students, graphic designers, animators, painters, film directors, ceramicists, textile artists, architects, desginers of all kinds, curious people or just any person interested in creating images or thinking in visual terms. For now, it is only in person at the studio located in Chinatown, Los Angeles. 

The workshop includes a drawing exercise of 40 minutes, a 30 minute lecture, a second round of drawing followed by a group discussion about the production. There is also a coffee and donut break ;)

We'll provide all materials.

It requires you come to listen for a bit, create images under certain rules, discuss those images among us and leave happily.

This workshop is designed to evolve over time and change with the experience gathered. You are invited to be part of the experiment and help us to make it better.