I'm an Argentinian Designer & Animator based in Vancouver.
My work usually lives somewhere between the illustration and graphic design universe.
I like to use bold lines, big shapes and colorful visuals.
I studied Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires and Audiovision at the UNLA.
I didn’t graduate in neither but maybe one day, who knows (?)

I have had the priviliege to work with studios and friends like Buck, Le Cube, Plenty, Sixnfive, NiceShitStudio, Art & Graft and Polyester among others.

Get in touch for a cool project or just for the fun of it 

mail. seba@sebastiancuri.com
skype. sebastian.curi

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I’m on Behance, Vimeo, Instragram and Tumblr



Apple, Facebook, IBM, Nickelodeon, CNN, Mtv, FiveThirtyEight, Fox Red Bull, Sonos, HBO, California Sunday Magazine, Corona, Vodafone, AXN, Sony, Nat Geo 


2017, A’ Design Award & Competition 
2014, Bass Awards
2014, Promax BDA Global Excellence
2013, Promax BDA Global Excellence 
2012, Promax BDA Global Excellence
2012, Promax BDA Latin America
2012, Promax BDA India